I hardly remember the house itself except that it was a beautiful home where joy reigned. I must have been about 8 years old. I was on vacation at St Georges de Didonne near Royan, in the Charentes Maritime region, with my parents. I was happy: I felt light and carefree.

That day, it must have been 4:30 p.m. Our rental was relatively close to the seafront. I was looking forward to this moment!

It was still hot but a little wind brushed our faces. It was nice. On the way, I strolled. I took the time to observe the…

What is youth? At what age are we supposed to be young? These are highly philosophical and subjective questions.

“Youth is a talent, it takes years to acquire it”.

This quote is not from me but from a writer I love very much, namely Amélie Nothomb.

I want to share my take on this issue with you.

I have the immense chance to be around older, more mature people. They teach me a lot. THANKS to them.

I have the strange feeling that our elders knew how to live better than our generation. …

The trees have changed color and are stripping themselves to be better reborn in spring. The leaves are gradually falling. We find them in all forms. They form a pretty multicolored flowerbed in the gardens. Some are still quite green: fir green or granny apple green, while others are turning yellow or brown. Others finally turn orange, cherry red or tomato. All are decorated in a variety of shades, it is a feast for the eyes.

The wind creeps in and the cold returns. The time has come to put on our coats, down jackets and scarves.

The fireside evenings…

Ottam Bohannan

Social Media enthusiast. Activism. Non-profits. Travel. Culture. Authentic.

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